Hayes Valley Farm Transition Announcement

Dear Supporters of Hayes Valley Farm,

As you may know, Hayes Valley Farm is an interim-use urban farm project. As such, our agreement with the City and County of San Francisco has been to develop the ecology and grow food on the site only until those with prior claim to the land were able to move forward with projects that have been in the works for some time.

In January, we received final word of the formal termination of our license agreement from the City and County’s Real Estate Division. On March 1st, as part of this agreement we transitioned off of the south half of the property (Parcel P). By June 1st, we plan to be off of the site completely.

Hayes Valley Farm is a champion of interim-use farming. Not only does interim-use provide an opportunity to rethink how we use the land and demonstrate how much food can be grown in a given area, it also allows us to engage in education, outreach, community building, and to develop broader, transportable, resiliency models that we feel are essential in this era of transition and transformation.

Hayes Valley Farm is committed to working with representatives in city government and our community in a positive and straightforward manner to find viable options for continuing our work. The Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, the San Francisco Parks Alliance, and the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association have all been, and continue to be, strong advocates for the efforts we are pursuing.

We continue to explore and discuss potential next generation parcels of land in order to continue our vision. We are working together to find options to continue our vision and we welcome all constructive contributions to that effort.

In these last few months, we look forward to seeing you at the farm.

– The Hayes Valley Farm Team, March 17, 2013

Below: Transition Announcement from July 2011, posted on the gate at 450 Laguna Street.

Hayes Valley Farm Transition Announcement